Medical Expertise

Aaronson Rappaport’s lawyers possess vast medical knowledge, giving them a clear advantage over the opposition when defending automobile liability lawsuits involving personal injuries. This expertise stems from the firm’s many years as a leading medical malpractice defense firm.

In fact, many Aaronson Rappaport employees have formal medical training. Six of our attorneys are registered nurses and we employ two full-time physicians and one full-time nurse-consultant. This expertise provides numerous advantages, including:

  • Ability to Challenge Medical Rationale – The firm’s lawyers easily grasp complex medical concepts. As a consequence they are able to challenge and often defeat medical claims made by plaintiffs.

  • Ability to Limit Damages – Our medical expertise allows us to skillfully argue issues of causation and damages, to control jury awards when liability exists and settlement isn’t possible.

  • Access to Expert Witnesses – As a leader in medical malpractice defense, the firm has close working relationships with top medical centers and has extraordinary access to the finest (and hardest-to-obtain) medical expert witnesses.

  • Ability to Prepare and Cross Examine Expert Witnesses – Our attorneys have the medical knowledge and legal skills necessary to ensure that our expert medical witnesses are fully prepared to defend the cases at trial. In addition, this expertise propels our success in the courtroom against plaintiff’s expert witnesses.