Aaronson Rappaport’s Most Recent Courtroom Successes

March 2014 –

The firm obtained five defense verdicts for its clients between August 2013 and March 2014. Jay Rappaport (Bronx and New York Counties) and Nick Marotta (New York and Suffolk Counties) each took two defense verdicts and Craig Fenno took one in the Bronx. This makes 13 Aaronson Rappaport defense verdicts over the last 12 months. Mr. Fenno’s Bronx trial lasted four weeks and involved claims of pediatric brain damage caused by an alleged failure to properly diagnose and treat severe dehydration in a one-month-old infant. Plaintiff’s counsel claimed reduced IQ, ADHD and behavioral problems as a result, reducing the infant’s future educational and employment opportunities. The settlement demand was $3 million and plaintiff’s counsel asked for $5 million during summations. In addition:

  • Andrew Kaplan achieved a directed verdict in New York County.
  • Lawrence W. Rosenblatt took a verdict in a wrongful death matter in Kings County involving the death of a 57-year-old male during an elective colonoscopy, resulting in a mistrial. Plaintiff had requested $4 million in damages during summation.
  • Aaronson Rappaport attorneys also achieved several dismissals on summary judgment motions, including one involving a neurologically impaired child, during this same time period.