Barry Schreiber Achieves Defense Verdict in Kings County (ER Care)

June 2012 –

Mr. Schreiber achieved a defense verdict in a wrongful death matter venued in Kings County. This case involved a 22-year-old who took over-the-counter stimulants in order to study for a college exam and was found non-responsive the next morning at which time she was taken to co-defendant hospital. Mr. Schreiber represented the ER attending, who it was alleged improperly medicated the decedent with excessive sedatives causing her to go into respiratory depression, causing hypoxia, cerebral swelling and herniation resulting in death a few days later. The defense was that the medication and dosages administered were proper, the patient was stable at time of admission and her death was due to acute myocardial infarction due to the stimulants she took, which caused pulmonary edema, hypoxia and brain death. The ER attending, and the co-defendants, all received a defense verdict.