Barry Schreiber Obtains Defense Verdict in Bronx after Plaintiff Rejects $1.5 million

December 2012 –

In this case, the plaintiff claimed to have suffered a perforated sigmoid colon during oophorectomy performed by the defendant Ob/Gyn. It was the plaintiff’s contention that the defendant should appreciated and repaired the perforation during the procedure, which would have obviated the need for a colostomy (with subsequent reversal) and two lengthy hospital admissions with multiple complications. As a result, the plaintiff claimed various permanent injuries, rendering her unable to work. Mr. Schreiber compellingly argued that the perforation was an unfortunate but known complication of the procedure, that the alleged one-day “delay” in recognizing and repairing it did not impact the plaintiff’s course, and that she would have required the same type of repair, same hospitalizations, same complications and same reversal of the colostomy. After a trial on all issues and Mr. Schreiber’s forceful summation, the Bronx jury rendered a verdict on the defendant’s behalf.