Robert S. Deutsch Obtains Defense Verdict in New York County in 30 Minutes (Failure to Diagnose Nerve Transection/Entrapment)

June 2012 –

The plaintiff claimed that the defendant physician failed to diagnose and timely treat plaintiff’s peroneal nerve transection/entrapment after he suffered a serious knee injury in June 2003. Plaintiff alleged that the defendant physician should have performed a peroneal nerve exploration at the same time that a non-party orthopedic surgeon performed a knee reconstruction surgery on August 26, 2003; the peroneal nerve exploration and decompression not occurring until January 12, 2004. Plaintiff claimed that this ‘delay’ caused the plaintiff permanent injuries, including permanent right foot drop, difficulty walking and inability to continue working as an iron worker. After a six-day trial it only took 30 minutes for a New York jury to render a finding of no liability for the defendant physician.