Neil Brenes and his trial team obtain unanimous defense verdict in Queens County

Congratulations to Aaronson Rappaport trial partner, Neil Brenes, and his trial team, Rupa Banik and Susan Formosa, who received a unanimous defense verdict in Queens County on July 30, 2019, on behalf of their client, a gynecologic surgeon. Plaintiff claimed that the surgeon took the wrong approach to surgery by performing a closed laparoscopy, rather than an open laparotomy, during a bilateral partial salpingectomy that allegedly resulted in an intra-abdominal hemorrhage, requiring an emergent laparotomy, in addition to the need for a hysterectomy due to vaginal prolapse and severe pain, causing infertility. At the close of the case, plaintiff’s counsel recommended that the jury award the plaintiff $9 Million in damages. The jury, however, agreed that the defendant’s decision to use a closed laparoscopic approach was appropriate and met the standard of care.

Additionally, prior to trial, the Aaronson Rappaport defense team was successful in obtaining partial summary judgment on plaintiff’s claims concerning the preoperative and postoperative care and lack of informed consent.