A $30-million rollover claim defeated at trial

A $30-million rollover claim defeated at trial Client: A major domestic automobile manufacturer Type of Case: Vehicle rollover Background: Plaintiffs’ vehicle rolled over 3½ times after allegedly attempting an evasive maneuver at highway speed on a major New Jersey thoroughfare. The driver and one of the rear passengers were killed during the accident. A surviving passenger sustained serious orthopedic injuries and an alleged traumatic brain injury. Suit Filed: The lawsuit brought by the plaintiffs claimed that the vehicle type was inherently unstable due to a narrow track width and high center of gravity. Client’s Concern: The case involved multi-million-dollar exposure

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Aaronson Rappaport defeats a $12.8-million defective seat belt claim

Aaronson Rappaport Defeats a $12.8-million Defective Seat Belt Claim Background: Plaintiff’s vehicle was struck while driving on a NYC expressway. Plaintiff claimed that the seat belt’s emergency locking retractor failed to engage, causing his face to strike the steering wheel, windshield and headliner, resulting in a serious eye injury with partial blindness. Suit Filed: Lawsuit was brought by plaintiff in New York State Supreme Court, Bronx County, a notorious plaintiff’s jurisdiction. Client’s Concern: The severity of plaintiff’s eye injury jeopardized his career as a cameraman. Client was rightly concerned about a potentially high award from a Bronx jury. Action Strategy:

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Aaronson Rappaport obtains a dismissal by advancing a novel legal theory

Type of Case: An insurance subrogation action Background: A 10-year-old car caught fire allegedly due to a defect in design or manufacture and was declared a total loss by its insurer. Suit Filed: The insurance carrier sought recovery from the automobile manufacturer for the amount it paid to the car’s owner. Client’s Concern: The automobile manufacturer wanted to discourage future insurance subrogation lawsuits by aggressively contesting this claim. Action Strategy: Aaronson Rappaport moved to dismiss the case under the “economic loss doctrine,” which holds that a remote purchaser may not use a product liability theory to recover for property damage

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Aaronson Rappaport’s medical expertise provides a breakthrough

Client: A major automobile manufacturer Type of Case: Seat back and seat belt automobile product liability Background: A vehicle hit a tree, rendering one passenger a quadriplegic. The passenger’s condition improved and he eventually regained the use of his body from the waist up (becoming a paraplegic). Suit Filed: The plaintiff alleged that a defective automobile seat back and seat belt caused the plaintiff’s injuries. Case History: A major Wall Street law firm had managed this case for five years before it was brought to Aaronson Rappaport. Legal/Medical Approach: After taking over this case, attorneys at Aaronson Rappaport began sifting through boxes of

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Case with a sustainable value of $20 Million is settled for a nominal sum

Client: A major automobile manufacturer Type of Case: Rollover of passenger van Background: A 15-passenger van was traveling in upstate New York. After 10 hours of driving, the driver fell asleep and the van rolled down an embankment. One passenger was rendered a paraplegic; another passenger (a child) sustained permanent brain damage. Suit Filed: Plaintiff alleged that defective design and manufacture of the vehicle and of automobile parts led to severe injuries. At issue in this case were the design of the vehicle’s door hinges and seat belt latches, the strength of its roof and the vehicle’s potential for rollover.

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