Alison Deaner obtains discontinuance of ARFD clients following filing of summary judgment motion

Alison Deaner, through preparation and well-written summary judgment papers, convinced a plaintiff to drop a lawsuit brought against her clients – no easy feat.  The preparation for such a motion came during precise questioning of the plaintiff at deposition, which eradicated a certain record-keeping issue in the case.  The record-keeping issue resolved, Alison thereafter moved to dismiss the case on the medicine, crafting arguments that convinced plaintiff’s counsel to voluntarily discontinue the case without opposition.  It was Alison’s preparation and obtaining multiple important  admissions she obtained at the plaintiff’s deposition, combined with excellent written advocacy during summary judgment proceedings, that compelled the plaintiff to discontinue

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Two more successful summary judgment motion outcomes for ARFD clients

Lawrence W. Rosenblatt and his team were able to achieve dismissals on behalf of multiple ARFD clients in April and May in two  cases – in Queens and Kings Counties – as a result of summary judgment motions. The Queens matters involved issues surrounding the performance of emergent neurosurgical treatment by two neurosurgeons.  It was claimed that these defendants improperly utilized lysing agents during emergent surgical intervention of a patient who stroked during an aneurysm surgery.  The plaintiff further alleged that, as a result, the patient suffered a brain bleed, became neurologically compromised and untimely expired years later from this condition. 

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