ARFD Of Counsel, Patrick Mevs, nets another Summary Judgment Win!

Aaronson Rappaport’s Of Counsel, Patrick Mevs, with key support from senior partner, Nicholas Marotta, recently obtained a summary judgment dismissal in a Queens County medical malpractice action on behalf of a neurosurgeon. The claim alleged that the neurosurgeon was negligent in the treatment of an acute kidney injury that caused severe and permanent injuries. In granting the motion to dismiss in its entirety, the Court held that there were no triable issues of fact as to any negligence committed by the neurosurgeon.  It also determined that there was no causal relationship between the alleged actions or inactions by the neurosurgeon and the plaintiff’s injuries.  Following the submission of plaintiff’s opposition to the summary judgment motion, the Court also concluded that the plaintiff’s expert was unqualified as a matter of law to render an opinion on the applicable standard of care and, thus, was unable to dispute defendant’s successful arguments.


Patrick P. Mevs