Larry Bloomstein secures Discontinuance during Suffolk County Trial!

Congratulations to ARFD Partner Larry Bloomstein, who started the new year off with a discontinuance during trial in Suffolk County. Larry represented an orthopedic spinal surgeon against claims of improper diagnosis and management of a thoracic vertebral burst fracture.  Plaintiff claimed the development of spinal cord compression that necessitated emergent decompression surgery, which then resulted in lower extremity paraplegia and bowel and bladder incontinence. Larry’s cross examination of plaintiff’s neurosurgery expert aggressively attacked the foundations of the expert’s opinions and revealed that the expert lacked the necessary expertise to offer a reliable opinion on the applicable standard of care, leading plaintiff to discontinue the case with prejudice in the middle of the cross examination. Congratulations are also in order for associate Jerry Lynch, who assisted as part of the trial team.