Summary Judgment win for ARFD Of Counsel, Patrick Mevs!

Congratulations are in order for ARFD Of Counsel, Patrick P. Mevs, who was recently granted summary judgment in the Southern District of New York under Rule 56 of the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure following a motion filed on behalf of a plastic surgeon. Plaintiff alleged a failure to properly perform a cosmetic procedure and failure to timely diagnose and treat a postoperative infection resulting in multiple injuries and required additional surgeries.  The Court granted the summary judgment motion in its entirety, holding that pursuant to a general release signed by the plaintiff, she had waived her right to pursue any claims relating to the treatment at issue. Despite the plaintiff’s numerous arguments contesting the validity of the release under New York and Federal contract law, the Court determined that the plaintiff failed to raise a genuine issue of fact for trial and dismissed the complaint in its entirety.


Patrick P. Mevs