Zero recovery for Plaintiff in binding arbitration against Aaronson Rappaport clients!

After approximately 2 years of binding arbitration, Aaronson Rappaport Partners, Philip Lerner and Patrick Mevs, received a decision that provided no recovery to the plaintiff, who claimed that the premature delivery of twins at 27 weeks in gestation was medically contraindicated and resulted in neurologic damage to both infants.  Plaintiff claimed that the indication for the delivery, severe pre-eclampsia, was not supported by the records, and that Aaronson Rappaport’s client physician should have extended the expected management to preserve the pregnancy for a longer period of time. Phil and Patrick successfully argued that there was medical justification to deliver the twins and that the ultimate decision to delivery the infants was not made by our client physician. The arbitrator ruled in favor of Aaronson Rappaport’s client Hospital and physician.