Phillip HoSang obtains discontinuance at trial as NYS Supreme trial schedule picks up speed.

As NYS Supreme Court trials get back to “normal,” congratulations are in order for Aaronson Rappaport Partner, Phillip HoSang, for his recent success in obtaining a discontinuance for his physician-client at the end of plaintiff’s direct case in Kings County.

The client, a Primary Care Physician (“PMD”), was accused of failing to appreciate the plaintiff’s complaints of diarrhea and failing to send the plaintiff for tests that would have led to the discovery of the plaintiff’s ulcerative colitis. The plaintiff was under the care of a gastroenterologist at the time. Plaintiff’s counsel discontinued the PMD after the end of plaintiff’s direct case.

Additional recognition is extended to Phil’s litigation team, Jordan Conger and Megan Pollastro, who were instrumental throughout discovery and the pretrial phase of the case.