Robert Melnick and his team successful at trial in New York County

Congratulations to Robert Melnick and his litigation team for another defense verdict on behalf of an Aaronson Rappaport client! The case was venued in New York County.  Plaintiff alleged that our client performed an incorrect cervical spinal decompression surgery. As a result, plaintiff claimed he was left with continued compression resulting in the need for an additional surgery and permanent neurological deficits.

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Another defense verdict for Jay Rappaport and ARFD client

Congratulations to Jay Rappaport and his litigation team for another successful defense of an ARFD client!  The case was tried in New York County and involved claims that ARFD’s client, an orthopedic surgeon, failed to properly diagnose and treat a subluxation of bones in the plaintiff’s foot, and negligently advised the plaintiff to weight bear on the subject foot, resulting in the development of arthritis and need for surgery.  Jay effectively established on cross-examination of the plaintiff and the plaintiff’s expert that a prior injury was so consequential that it would have led to arthritis regardless of the care rendered

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The New York Court of Appeals Sides with Aaronson Rappaport

The New York Court of Appeals Sides with Aaronson Rappaport Clients: A major metropolitan teaching hospital and an attending surgeon. Type of Case: Alleged improperly performed gastric banding surgery. Background: Plaintiff alleged that after undergoing a gastric banding procedure to treat longstanding morbid obesity, she developed significant side effects, including severe and persistent nausea and vomiting, as well as malnutrition. In preparation for trial, defense counsel sought authorization from plaintiff to conduct ex parte interviews of two non-parties: a gastroenterologist who treated plaintiff after the surgery, and the surgeon who then reversed the first surgery. Plaintiff refused to provide the defense with the

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Late Attempt to Switch Medical Theories is Blocked

Late Attempt to Switch Medical Theories is Blocked Client: A world-renowned orthopedic surgeon and a prestigious hospital. Type of Case: Alleged negligent performance of left total hip replacement surgery. Background: The plaintiff underwent a cemented left total hip replacement, after which she developed permanent paralysis of the left foot. The plaintiff claimed the defendant orthopedic surgeon utilized excess cement during the procedure, thereby causing the cement to protrude from the hip socket and damage the sciatic nerve. Suit Filed: The case was brought by the plaintiff in New York State Supreme Court, New York County. Action Strategy: Aaronson Rappaport was

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Key Expert is Precluded, Forcing Favorable Settlement

Key Expert is Precluded, Forcing Favorable Settlement Client:  A large metropolitan medical center and its affiliated physicians. Type of Case:  Claimed negligent gastric bypass surgery and post-operative treatment. Background:  A 53-year-old female plaintiff underwent gastric bypass surgery, developed an anastomatic leak post-operatively and required a re-operation, which led to an extended hospital admission that included intubation.  Plaintiff claimed that the bypass surgery was improperly performed, that there was a delay in re-operating and that the endotracheal tube was misplaced.  She further alleged the traumatic nature of the hospitalization led to the development of “post-traumatic fibromyalgia,” a debilitating rheumatological condition that

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